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Getting your home photo ready!

We appreciate your hard work and effort in helping prepare your property to sell!

Taking action on the following items will help ensure your house is as marketable as possible and our photographer is not delayed in capturing the essence of your property.

Our photographer will photograph your property regardless of the weather conditions at the time of the shoot, unless you inform us well prior to the scheduled time that you would like to re-schedule for another day/time.

All interior and exterior lights on, including floor lamps, table lamps, under-cabinet lighting,
stovetop lighting, bedside reading lamps, ceiling fan lights, and other secondary light sources.
Ensure all light bulbs work and match.

Remove all non-decorative items from countertops (including dish soap, paper towels, phones,
cleaning supplies, etc.) and remove refrigerator magnets and any personal info (i.e calendar).

Lower all toilet seats, clear countertops of non-decorative items, and remove all toiletries from
bath and shower area.

Please ensure all mirrors are streak-free. Water spots and streaks are likely to show up in the

Front and Backyards
Freshly cut lawn within three days, trim bushes/hedges/walkways, take down flags (Stars and Stripes may stay!), put hoses and other equipment away.
Organize patio/deck furniture, pick up pet waste, put away garbage bins and generally clean up.

Most folks love animals, but they should not be seen in any real estate photos, so keeping all pets with you and their supplies (food/water bowls, crates, litter boxes, toys, etc.) tucked away during the shoot, is a must.

Window Treatments
Open curtains/blinds all the way in every room… blinds should be twisted open, not pulled up.

Ensure no vehicles are in the driveway or in front of the home on the street and all garage
doors are closed.

Holiday Décor
Remove all holiday décor, such as pumpkins, Christmas trees/lights, menorahs, wreaths, hearts, bunting, etc.

Decorative items on counters and tables, such as fresh flowers, bowls of fruit, pottery, vases, new candles, etc. may be relocated for optimal placement in the camera eye. We will do our very best to return all items to their original place.

Turn ceiling fans off, put all personal items away, and make the house as generally clean and attractive as possible.

Don't forget... In your listing packet from our team your show-ready but livable checklist!

If you'd like another copy, or prefer a digital version, you can simply select 'Download' below.

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